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Beachside Fireworks is a division of Beachside Outdoors, supplying Canadian Fireworks to their Alberta based customers. Beachside Fireworks is proud to provide customers with a variety of popular brands of Firework packages for exciting outdoor entertainment.

Please Note: At this time, we are unable to provide shipping on our Firework packages. Curbside pickup is provided at our Beachside Docks Shop located in Westerose, Alberta. (Near the Village of Pigeon Lake)

Beachside's TOP Selling Fireworks

Please Note: To place an online order a minimum purchase amount of $250.00 is required. Orders over $500.00 are eligible for a 5% Discount.

View our outstanding Firework packs below. Order online with curbside pickup at the Beachside Docks Shop.

For additional details on what the Fireworks packages include, click on the product image below:


Call our shop for directions. (780) 361-6066

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